Marry a woman who reads 

There are two types of women. Women who read and women who don’t read. Please, do not marry a woman who doesn’t read. Marry a woman who reads. I will tell you why.

Ringo wants to read too

A woman who reads is open minded and knowledgeable . She does not have a fixed mindset. Her mind is not tethered to one simple idea and way of life . Her mind is not shallow. Her mind is exposed. She has seen diversity of cultures, religions, languages, customs and traditions. She knows about current trends and ancient ways. She has a good memory, a better understanding and deeper comprehension. You can have intellectual conversions with her.

A woman who reads is widely travelled. She has been to the villages of West Africa, to the beaches of the West coast, to the cities of Western Europe and to the West Bank. She can take you high up the Himalayas and back down to the shores of L. Victoria. She can take you to places you’ve never been before. To the past and to the future. She knows about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Statue of Liberty, the zombie apocalypse and the Da Vinci Code. She has travelled to space and back. 

A woman who reads understands things better. She can read your mind like a book. She can tell what you are thinking. She knows how to make you happy. She knows what she wants and goes for it. She knows the what, the when, the how and the why. She knows what to eat and what to drink and why. She doesn’t ask dumb questions, she answers your dumb questions. She is smart. She is a walking encyclopedia. She knows her stuff. She is an asset, you can be proud of her.

A woman who reads is charming and romantic. She knows the right words to say and the right places to touch. She writes you sweet little notes and hides them. She sends you sweet letters and emails. She surprises you and blows your mind away. Your mind is not the only thing she blows. She sweeps you off your feet. She is a magician. She turns you on the way she turns the pages of a book. She licks her finger. She knows how to make you feel like a gentleman.

A woman who reads hardly cheats. She is always at home or in the office reading. Whenever she is free she picks a book and continues reading, instead of gossiping or idling on social media. She is a book worm. She has no time for earthworms. She carries a book instead of condoms in her purse. She is always looking forward to meeting the funny characters in her book, not funny characters for a hook.

A pile of books/ Photo by Mwas

A woman who reads is spiritual. She prays. She believes. She reads the Bible or Quran or Gita or a prayer book or motivational books. She wants to do good and be good. She wants to help. She wants to be the change. She is decent and organised. She is hardworking and ambitious. She has big dreams and she will achieve them. She is thankful to God.

A woman who reads is easy to please. Write her a lovely poem or just a note. Buy her a book. Take her to a bookstore. Let her choose whichever book she wants. Let her take her time perusing and reading the back covers. Help her choose a book. Stop on the street to look for books or just look at books. Create a mini-library at home.  Let her read without interruption. Read with her in bed until she finishes and turns to hold you. 

A woman who reads will enrich your life. She is a storyteller. She is funny. She will make you laugh. She will make you love her more. She will love you truly. If you find a woman who reads, marry her.

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