Reflections and Resolutions

The 2016 candle has finally been extinguished and its old disfigured wax discarded. The candle that dimly lit the world as Donald Trump got elected to the most powerful political office on Earth and Leicester City unbelievably won the Premier League, among a million other incredibly strange things.

Hopefully, this new candle will brightly and warmly light up our lives and usher in positive and meaningful events. It is an election year in Kenya and all we can ask for is a free, fair and most importantly, peaceful election.

Personally, I am looking forward to a much lit year, filled and running over with happiness and providence. Last year was not all doom and gloom though, as it potentially defined my destiny. Below are my reflections from 2016 and resolutions for 2017.

I lost a job. This is easily the worst thing that happened to me. For all its shortcomings, and even though it was not that perfect, dream job, it was putting food on the table and paying my bills but then again I believe that everything happens for a reason and when one door closes, God opens another one. My prime prayer this year is to find another source of income.

I met someone special. On second thought, I think God may have already opened a door when he brought this sweet and beautiful woman my way. It is for sure the best thing that happened to me. I will never forget that day in February when we started talking and the day in April when we finally met. Things escalated so quickly that I am yet to comprehend how. We are sticking together this year and beyond.

Reading. I read several books last year including The Snapper by Roddy Doyle, Dutch by Teri Woods, To Love Honor and Betray by Penny Jordan, Sir Alex Ferguson’s My Autobiography and I started Jakob Ejersbo’s Exile. I also did some reviews on this blog and I intend to do more and read more this year.

Watching. I am not a movie or TV series junkie but I managed to watch several of them like Suits, Orpian Black, Start Up, The 100, Designed Survivor, to mention a few. I have a short concentration span when it comes to watching flicks unless I am watching with someone. I will make an effort of watching more.

Writing. I love writing. I started writing again on this blog and elsewhere after close to 2 years, a break that was forced by circumstances. I almost forgot how to write but I’m doing everything to dust up my skills, especially poetry. I will definitely write more this year, and perhaps focus on a book which someone believes I can author.

Travelling. Mombasa Old Town, Maasai Mara, Ukunda/Diani and Wasini Island are some of the places I visited in the company of Tabasamu. We also checked into so many places in Nairobi, I’m not sure if that can be described as travelling. I spent time with my family over Christmas and that took me to Bungoma, Kimilili, Kitale and Eldoret. I will travel more this year, obviously, perhaps even across the border.

Documents. I finally obtained my Birth Certificate, almost three decades since I was born. Yes, crazy, isn’t it? Read the story here. I want to get more papers this year, including but not limited to a Passport and Driving License.

God has been good and faithful to me and I thank Him for everything and more so for a chance to see this New Year. It is my year and a year that my candle will shine brighter. Let’s do this!

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