To Love, Honor And Betray by Penny Jordan

To Love, Honor and Betray is an epic and intriguing work of fiction by English author Penny Jordan. It is a deeply romantic novel worth reading. As usual, this is another book I picked up on the street and Tabasamu tried unsuccessfully to snatch it from me. We both love books and we were rummaging through a pile of books on Tom Mboya Street when this one caught my eye.

It is the title that caught my attention and I must have thought to myself, how can one love and honor another and then betray them? A quick skimming of the back page painted an image of a family that breaks up bitterly due to betrayal and dishonesty. The main theme is secrets.

Claudia, the daughter of an army officer falls in love with Garth, a soldier.  They were just the perfect couple; mutually in love, attracted and committed to each other. They get married and rent a flat in London from where they consummate their marriage and begin their life together. They make love passionately every time and eventually, she gets pregnant.

Sometimes I wonder why things go wrong in a beautiful love story. Why does hell pop up and wreck an otherwise heavenly home? Like something terrible happens to one of you and changes everything forever, extinguishing the flame of love. In this case, Claudia loses her pregnancy and her womb and the whole plot twists.

She later gets a baby, who is not biologically hers but she loves her so much that she doesn’t tell anyone, except Garth, who the baby’s real mother is. She keeps the secret even from the baby, her daughter Tara. They live happily again until she finds out that Garth is actually Tara’s father. All along, Claudia has known Tara as her daughter albeit not biologically, and therefore certainly not Garth’s. But Garth cannot explain how he fathered Tara, and so they divorce.

There are several subplots to the story but all revolve around Claudia, Garth and Tara; their work places, Tara’s American boyfriend and his family back home. Before she flies out to America, Tara’s parents decide to tell her the truth about her real mother and father.

Who was she and how did it all happen? How and why did Garth betray Claudia? Why did they keep the secret from Tara and what will happen when they tell her? The book answers all these questions and the good thing is that it has a happy ending.

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