Love is a Sword

This object we call love

Can cut out the hardest heart

Heart made of stone and ice

Only love can slice

Like a sharp crude object

Love is dangerous

It cuts through the flesh

And throws you down

No matter the tribe in your face

Love will strike you down

Whatever colour is your race

Love does not respect

Love is ruthless

How strong you are regardless

Slays the high and mighty

Exalts the meek and dusty

Strikes the old and young

Floors the tallest in Sudan

Lifts the shortest in Japan

Hits the richest in Switzerland

Hunts the poorest in Swaziland

You can’t run from love’s long hand

It breaks you and cuts you into pieces

Kisses you with its double edges

Like a sweet seductive tongue

Slaps you with romantic words

And stabs right into your heart

Leaves you lifeless, breathless

Many have fallen on the sword

 Fallen hopelessly in love

It seeks you out and finds your arse

Sits you down on bare grass

Strips you off your pride

Takes you on a roller-coaster ride

Leaves you lifeless, breathless

Love is a sword

Long, lethal and sharp

Be careful with love

For it can heal or hurt


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