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Photo Essay on Diani Beach

Diani beach is a very popular holiday destination along the South Coast of Kenya. A lot of people, mostly tourists, visit the beautiful beach to bask in the sun and just enjoy its magnificence. You can use road from Mombasa or fly directly to Diani Airstrip, if you don’t want to use the crowded Likoni ferry.

Diani beach

The resort beach is dotted with high end hotels, cottages and restaurants where you can stay. Most of them bear Swahili architecture.


The white sandy beach is outlined by palm trees which give it that luxurious tropical feel and provide shade when the sun becomes too hot. I love beaches with palm trees.

palm trees

Most parts of the beach are accessible to the public. You can enjoy a swim in the warm turquoise waters or take a boat ride to the coral reef. There are companies that offer boat riding, sky diving, water sport among other activities.  A mid-morning or early afternoon walk on the warm sandy beach is always a fabulous idea. I found this heart shaped leaf somewhere on the beach. Lord, was this a sign?

love leaf

It is also a perfect place to play beach football. With the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, we had a 4 aside kick about with some beach boys at Bidi Badu Restaurant. There is a bar on the beach where you can have drinks or food as you listen to music or watch football on TV, or just gaze at the sea. They have free wifi too.

beach football

If you have a good book, you can enjoy your read as you relax under a palm tree or in the sun, probably after a dip in the ocean, while sipping your favourite cocktail. Total bliss!

There are many things to do in Diani. If you fancy a camel ride, here you go.


You might bump into things that you least expect to find on a beach. Like these adorable puppies. Note the fine, white sand.

puppies on the beach

Diani beach is a wonderful and ideal getaway for lovers. You will see couples goofing around and having a good time on the beach. It is perfect for memorable romantic moments.


In the evening, it is usually very windy with a cold breeze blowing from the ocean. Time to go indoors or to one of the nightclubs. Diani nightlife is lit too.

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