Longing For Tonight

Warm, long, hugs and cuddles

Slowly curving up ahead of us

I have bought six scented candles

Smelling like sweet red roses

I have got sweet red wine

Cooling in the cellar cask

For tonight you are all mine

I have collected soft ballads

And selected your favourites

Tonight we shall sing along

Loudly then gradually silently

We shall dance a little

Then a lot horizontally

I have spread fresh sheets

On this wooden structure

Six by six feet

Where we shall have breakfast

When I wake up next to you

Like a newborn

A candle burns in the bathroom

Where warm water will trickle

Down between our skins

Like streams from Mt. Kenya

Two candles are melting already

Ready for our candle lit dinner

Eating the food you love

With the man you love

Washing it down with wine

The red wine you love

Followed by rugby kissing

And then making love

I have everything set

Cleaned even the dishes

And I hate cleaning dishes

Shaved myself

Cleared all the bushes

Brushed my teeth

Worn my best cologne

Dimmed the light

Looking at my phone

Longing for tonight

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