Post-Valentine’s Blues

I am made to understand that some chaps are coming out of their hideouts today now that Valentine’s is done and dusted. No, seriously. These fellas disappeared from sijui 12th or 13th and switched off their phones, either to run away from their responsibilities or to spend time with their main squeezes, and now they are back with a myriad of lame excuses. I see you.

Some of them, probably medics but most likely those back street quacks like Mugo wa Wairimu, are claiming that they were in prison and they have now been released. Come on ladies, don’t buy that crap. We all know that only five of the CBA7 who went to jail were men and we actually know their names. Other doctors wanted to hold a night long vigil but were sent home by GSU.

The other men who are neither medics nor quacks, apparently also ended up in police custody for one crime or another. 13 February must be the only day of the year when men are arrested and they don’t bribe the police for freedom. They all go to the police station happily and willingly and spend up to 2 nights there before they are miraculously released. Police should start issuing certificates to everyone they arrest to prove they were actually arrested.

But the most famous excuse, which has now become a cliché, is the voter registration thing. Yaawn!! Out of the 30 long days, they apparently chose to go for registration on the deadline, which was Valentine’s Day, coincidentally huh? Never mind that registration closed at 6:00pm. Unless your man is Chebukati or an IEBC official, this story is utter hogwash. Insert other excuses you have heard

valentine rose
What do you do with this rose after Valentine’s?

Or rather, what is Valentine’s?

There are those who didn’t go silent or into hiding but didn’t do anything extra-ordinary either. I fall squarely in this category and I have no apologies to make. I used to observe Valentine’s Day but now I think it’s just another Western tradition like Ash Wednesday and Halloween that we are under no obligation to observe. Christmas too but Christmas is special because it is a public holiday and we get to spend quality time with family.

It doesn’t hurt to do something special on this day but it shouldn’t be a ritual that has to be performed religiously on this day. I think if you truly love someone, you should treat them occasionally and regularly but not just on one particular day in February. What about the other 364 days? It is okay to surprise them on Valentine’s Day once in a while and it is also okay to surprise them by not doing anything substantial on Valentine’s Day. Personally, I put more emphasis on birthdays, anniversaries, the day we met and such dates that mean something to us.

My birthday falls on 12 February and so I sometimes ‘combine’ the two or ignore one. I have no problem at all with people celebrating Valentine’s. If you do, it is very romantic indeed, keep it up! I love it. In fact, my Instagram was flooded red with pictures of roses, chocolates, wine, teddy bears, cards and happy lipstick smiles and I liked all of them. Awww good stuff, but was it for real? If yes, do you have to wait until 14 February 2018 to celebrate love again? I hope not. Did you get laid?

Big up all men who took their ladies out and bought them all those amazing gifts. Shout out to all ladies who took themselves out and bought themselves food and flowers in the name of ‘self love’. Massive shout out to all the chaps who went missing only to reappear today. I feel you. And I can’t forget those who were sad and lonely wishing they had someone to show them love. God loves you. And to everyone else who didn’t give a hoot, like me, cheers! It was just another Tuesday.

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