kenyan flag crochet wallet

Making a Kenyan flag crochet wallet

By Tabasamu

I love crocheting a lot and I love Kenya so much. I had this nagging idea about making something with the colours of the Kenyan flag; red, green, black and white, so I decided to make a simple crochet wallet as a small gift for Ike.  I actually wanted to make it exactly like the flag, complete with the shield and spears.

flag of kenya
The Kenyan flag pattern

You can also make this wallet if you know how to crochet. If you don’t know but you are interested, try searching the internet for tutorials (I can’t do that here now). I also learned it through YouTube by the way.  Back to our project, and the first thing I did was buying the four balls of yarn and then I showed him and asked him to guess what was on my mind. Amazingly, he got it right! Haha.

Kenyan flag
The four balls of yarn; the four colours of the flag

Secondly, I drew the pattern of the flag on a sheet of paper and coloured it appropriately to give me an outline of the pattern before I started. I figured out the hardest part was going to be the shield and spears.

starting the crochet wallet
Hook and yarn in hand, here we go.

I started the project from the bottom with the green yarn and single crocheted 48 stitches (approximately 20 cm long) and 20 rows wide. I then folded the length in half and stitched together the two sides, and continued as shown below.

crochet wallet
Starting the white spears and the red shield after the 20th row
crochet wallet
On the second day after work, I attached the white yarn and crocheted 2 rows (the first white strip) and part of the shield.
a cat
My friend Rosco was always there keeping me company and getting himself entangled with the yarn 🙂
crochet wallet
I was turning and making both sides simultaneously. This is the back side of the wallet.
kenyan flag crochet wallet
Almost done…

So far so good, but when I was done with the shield and spears, I realised it was far from perfect. A small miscalculation caused the shield to lean slightly to the right but it was still without doubt the flag of Kenya. Cutting the yarn and changing colours every now and then can be hard to perfect.

kenyan flag crochet wallet
Here is the finished little wallet.

After completing the crocheting, I added a black zipper to seal the wallet. I finished it on the third day but you can do it in one day if you are not so busy. You can also add an inner lining to make it more stylish. This wallet can be used for carrying your cards, receipts or cash. Your like it?

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