baked apples

Baked Apples

Let me assume that you are aware of the health benefits of apples. We all know that old cliche about an apple a day keeping the doctor away. Well, if you can afford them, it is highly recommended that you eat at least one apple every day. It might actually save you from illness.

I am not ruling out the possibility that whoever came up with that recommendation might have been a wholesale apple seller or a quack who got paid by a wholesale apple farmer 🙂 That not withstanding, it has been proven that apples contain fibre, nutrients and vitamins that are essential for good health. So how do you like your apples?

Pink apples are the sweetest

I eat them raw. (Okay, get your mind of the gutter!) I like biting raw apples to reveal Steve Jobs’ famous Apple logo. I bite them without peeling the skin, as I do with mangoes. I eat the whole apple including the core. Throwing away peelings and the core is wasting apples. However, some people start by peeling and then slicing apples, or eating around the core.

Others blend apples for juice. The more adventurous eat them with honey, peanut butter or caramel. You can also make applesauce among a dozen other things you can do with apples like baking apple pies and apple cakes. Speaking of baking, did you know you can just bake apples for breakfast?

How to bake apples

Peel four or five apples to serve two people. Slice them into the size and shape of potato fries.

Fry them with a little oil in a non stick pan for a couple of minutes. They are ready when they turn soft and tender.

You can eat your baked apples with bread and your favourite spread. This apple and bread sandwich washed down with tea was so delicious. Why don’t you try it? Keep doctors out of work.

PS: My apologies. I have been down and away for a while but I’m glad to be back for the long haul. Going down and coming right back up is my definition of strength and endurance, just like Anthony Joshua last night 🙂

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