Angel's Revenge by Teri Woods

Angel’s Revenge by Teri Woods

This is the exciting second installment of the Dutch trilogy. It is titled ‘Angel’s Revenge’ and I got it as a nice belated birthday present.

I read Dutch, the first book in the Teri Woods series, and the story ended in an anticlimax that left me begging for more. At the end of my book review, I joked that I needed to read Dutch II and someone had promised to get it for me. Tabasamu searched for it across Amazon and got it shipped from US to Belgium through Germany and finally to Nairobi. Don’t I just love this woman!

Angel was the only female gangster in Dutch’s inner ring. She loved Dutch so much, they were best friends forever. Angel was the first lady of the gang. In fact, she had her own all female gang named ‘Angel’s Charlies’. On the day that Dutch was set to be sentenced, she engineered the shootout in the county courthouse that left countless people dead and helped Dutch to escape. That is where Dutch I ended.

I started this page turner while on the train to Mombasa, read it during our stay at the coast and finished it on the way back. This book is a continuation of Dutch’s story but I was a little disappointed that he does not appear anywhere. However, his presence is mystically felt in several instances when he sends creepy romantic messages to Nina, a girl he used to date.

After Angel’s Charlies raid at the courthouse, Angel was captured and tried together with One Eyed Roc, another of Dutch’s lieutenants. They were both sentenced to life in prison but Angel later won an appeal and was released, but not before she met and fell in love with a girl named Goldilocks while in prison. They later reunited and moved in together after jail.

Roc converted to Islam while behind bars and changed his name to Rahman. He became totally reformed and planned to change his ways once he got out of prison. He launched an appeal and was released because his case was tied to that of Angel’s. Once he got out, he was on a collision cause with Angel who was still deeply rooted in crime. Rahman wanted to clean the streets while Angel wanted to control the streets.

The plot

The story paints the picture of a divided New Jersey underworld that fell apart when Dutch was forced out of the scene. Young World had inherited Dutch’s dragon chain and empire but he was not as strong as Dutch had been. Other gangs came up and took some of World’s territories. He was eventually murdered and the chain taken away.

If you live by the sword, you will surely die by the sword.  Angel goes on a revenge mission with the sole intention of taking back Dutch’s former territory. She goes on a murderous spree together with Goldilocks her lover, who turns out to be an undercover agent. She starts by killing Qwan, a former member of Dutch’s gang who became a priest and testified against him in court.

She then goes for the killers of Young World and doesn’t rest until she has wiped away all of them through her sexiness and tricks. The only man left standing between her and the total control of New Jersey streets is Rahman, her former partner in crime. What happens next is very intriguing as they both get a message from Dutch when she is just about to kill Rahman, and Goldilocks gets to find out the whereabouts of Dutch.

Riveting stuff, I must say!

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