Just like you

Since we started hanging out
Walking and talking
And doing little things together
I have become just like you
Have literally become your other half
Everything I do just like you

I have learnt your language
And now I talk just like you
Nobody understands this language
Except just me and you
The faces we make
The jokes we crack
And the selfies we take

The gestures…
The telepathy…
Laughing our asses off
Because I spend so much time talking to you
Now I think, speak, act and laugh like you
Alaine sang “You are me”
And I will sing I am you

A slice of your heart
A pint of your blood
A hint of your humour
A part of your personality
A pinch of your mentality
Is always with me now
I behave just like you

I eat just like,I read like you
I dress smartly just like you
My smile is like your smile
I love the things you love
I reason just like you
People say that I look like you

When your fluids mixed with mine
Your DNA fused with mine
When your heartbeat alternated with mine
That is when we became one
That is when you became mine
And I became yours
You stole my heart
You actually took my soul
Now I am just like you

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