Date: 15-5-2016
Venue: Uhuru Gardens


I’m carrying this thing in my pocket
My heart racing like a rocket
It’s not a rock but a simple ring
Nobody knows what I’m thinking

“Will she say Yes or No?
I really don’t know
How will she react, how?
Should I do it now?”

I fish out the gold coated ring
And sink down on one knee
Take a long deep breath
Will you marry me?

Will you be my legally wedded wife?
Because I really need you in my life
There’s a woman for every man
And for me you are just the one

As it slides up her ring finger
And she screams, “Of course!”
I let out a sigh of relief
She finds it hard to believe

She jumps, smiles
We embrace
It’s a Yes
Looks me in the eyes

We are engaged
Yes, I proposed
And she said Yes
Going to get married!