1.We are the best in Africa

eliud kipchogeOnce again, Kenya stamped her supremacy at the Olympics, especially on the road, track and field events, emerging the overall top ranked team in Africa. We were second best only to USA in athletics and definitely No. 1 in the continent. With 6 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze (13 medals), this was also Kenya’s best performance ever at the Olympics. Ethiopia managed just 1 gold ( 8 medals), South Africa won 4 medals and Nigeria 1. Kenya won both the men and women marathon races, becoming the first country to ever do so.

2 . Julius Yego is the guy


National, continental, Commonwealth and world javelin champion Julius Yego is the man to beat. He is so phenomenal that hiphop artist Khaligragh Jones had to do a song named after the field star. The most amazing thing is that Yego learnt his trade through YouTube. In the javelin final in Rio, he threw just once before going out with injury but the first throw was so good that only one person managed to throw further than him. We will never know what would have happened had he been fit enough to attempt a second throw. He still won us the silver medal.

  1. Kemboi is past his peak

kemboiThe multiple 3000m Steeplechase world champ and former Olympic champ decided to spot a new hairstyle for the Rio final. He shaved the top and left hair around his head. This kipara style symbolized the sunset of his career on the track. The veteran finished third behind Cornelius Kipruto and American Evan Jager but did not get a medal after disqualification on appeal by Mehiedine Mekhissi, who finished fourth and won the bronze. Kemboi, who allegedly stepped out of the track, then changed his mind about retirement and said he will defend his title at the World Championships next year. It is however very clear that his best days are behind him and there is a new kid on the block.

  1. NOCK is incompetent

Track legend Kipchoge Keino was awarderd the inaugural Olympic laurel during the opening ceremony. However, he leads our national Olympic committee, which grossly mismanaged the Rio party. From the beginning, the preparations were not desirable, some athletes did not get air tickets, their training kits disappeared, and there were countless scandals. Everything was disorganized from the opening ceremony uniforms to accommodation plans to a mixup of drinks during the men’s marathon. There were joy riders who went to Brazil on holiday, misusing taxpayers’ money. I have mentioned just a few. Shame.

  1. More Kenyans are running for other countries


Ruth Jebet won the 3000m steeplechase and was happily received back home in Eldoret. However, she did not win the gold for Kenya. She ran for Bahrain and defeated her former compatriots. Paul Chelimo won silver for USA in the 5000m. These are just two of the more than 30 Kenyan born athletes who featured for other countries such as Bahrain, USA, Turkey, Israel, and Bosnia. The main factor is money, as these athletes are lured by cash rewards and bonuses, which they don’t get here.

6.Rudisha is the King, Cheruiyot the Queen

rudishaDavid Rudisha overcame a bad season and shook off a knee injury to retain the 800m Olympic title he won in London. He only qualified for Rio via a wild card after losing in the national trials but the World record holder easily won gold to cement his position as the greatest 800m runner. Vivian Cheruiyot recently had a baby but is back like she never left. The multiple world champion won Kenya’s first ever Olympic gold in the women’s 5000m event, and her first as well, and also won silver in the 10000m.


  1. Our national anthem is a tune

The Kenya national anthem was played six times in Rio. During the closing ceremony, billons of people watched and enjoyed as Eliud Kipchoge was awarded the marathon gold medal and the national anthem played. The reaction on social media was great, many people on Twitter saying it is beautiful.