A Nation of Waiganjos

A country of clones, counterfeits
Full of Waiganjos; fakes, impostors
And even worse; petty impersonators
Not the real deal, just amateur imitators

Waiganjos who fool and fake it
And do it till they almost make it
Pretending to be who they are not
Very cold but in camouflage hot

Take Giovanni Rodriguez from Brazil
A fat kid with no ball control and skill
Overweight, over rated and unfit
Logarusic could not see any profit

A gaffer named Vitor Salvado
Wanting to coach AFC Leopards
Claimed to have coached at Benfica
Hoping to get that flight to Africa

That cop could be not a cop
That coach could be not a coach
That mboch could be even a boy
Oh boy, that gun could be just a toy
And that guy from the council could be Waiganjo


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