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Mwasafari  is a lifestyle blog about life, travel, poetry, sport and Kenyan culture.

Mwas means Musing, Word And Sport’Mwas are ‘my Words and Stories.’ Mwas are ‘my Walks and Spectacles.’ Mwas is my safari.  

Mwas is my name. I started blogging in 2011. Initially, it was a poetry blog mainly about football and relationships. It eventually metamorphosed into this lifestyle magazine blog, where I write prose & poetry, dreams & memories, real & fiction, observations & imaginations, book & travel reviews, past & current affairs and so much more.

My work in other publications appear under the byline Mwangi Gichau.

I previously worked at Kenyanstar website and magazine where I successfully ran Pitch Poet, a weekly column, among others. We were the first to publish sport poetry in Kenya.

‘Football is also called poetry in motion but some fans take this literally. You have to look no further than the cheesy poems about football from Mwas. The poems sometimes have rhymes but sometimes they are just easy reading and worth a smile.’

As reviewed by Ingwe Fan Magazine (Issue 3)


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