I was born an African man

Hence my one and ideal woman

Who fits like the ring around Saturn

Should be a real African woman

Her skin finished with a deep tan

Polished and glowing in the Sun

Moist, soft, smooth, fine and fly

Flowing and flawless like a cloudless sky

Spotless and golden like a wedding dress

Her eyes illuminating her face

Like two bright planets

Gloriously blinking in outer space

Outlined by outstanding eyelashes

Therein lies her stunning beauty

Magnified by how she smiles cutely

Exposing that gap between her teeth

A perfect set and whiter than milk

Her dark chiseled lips look like silk

And then her small round dimples

Pronounced when she chuckles or giggles

Make her magnetic and strongly irresistable

Head sorrounded with an aura of royal air

Crowned with her short, black, natural hair

Completes this masterpiece of art

Her true light shines within

To be felt and not just to be seen

Beautiful in her sheer simplicity

This absolute African beauty

Takes me into utter captivity