Baby Boo

Baby boo
Thought I should tell you
About someone new
I call her baby boo

The sky is blue
Her love is true
I love her too

What would I do
What, without you
My love baby boo

I really never knew
I would fall in love again
Until I found you

After all the pain
Now thanks to you
I can smile again

You can ask my shoe
I’ve been searching for you
Dreaming of you baby boo

My heart beats for you
I can hear it go boo-boo
When I think about you

There’s a lot of chemistry
And this crazy telepathy
When talking to my boo

I can see my future with you
Little ones that look like you
And half like me too

I’m so in love with you
I can’t wait to see you
I love you baby boo


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