Day 1

This is my initial “logo”. The heart is known to symbolize love. Yes I love writing. I love poetry and at this time I was also madly in love and this ”logo” was actually designed by my love (no prizes for guessing). I also love football hence the football at the centre. I love football writing. I started football writing and football poetry writing this year at Kenyanstar (I believe am the first published football poet in Kenya, if not East and Central Africa). The pen is for writing and that is why there is a pen there.  

Pheew! This is my first blog post ever!

After many many years, I finally create my blog and initiate myself into blogging. I have heard and read a lot about blogs and blogging and I’ve been promising myself that I will one day start it. Well, this is the day that the LORD has made, I will be glad and blog in it!

Thursday December 29, 2011, seated in a Cyber Cafe in Eldoret, my childhood town, am reading a friend’s blog. Wow! I love it! So I click on Create Blog and voila! Here I am.

I have always loved writing since I was a kid in primary school. I was the best composition writer in my classes, both in primary and secondary school. I have also been doing creative writing for as long as I can remember. I had a dream of becoming a rapper/singer/musician/artiste you name it! I had this little exercise book in which I used to write poems, songs, verses and other creative pieces. We used to call it ‘Rhyme book’. So that is how I got myself into poetry, and that’s how the title Mwas The Poet comes in!

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Let me learn more, the basics, I will be back with more……

Keep it here, I will be posting my poems, old and new, published and unpublished, about life, death, love, hate, laughs, tears, sports and so much more! Not poems only though.

More later, cheers. (If there is anybody there)

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