Dear Mr. President

One of Jubilee Coalition’s campaign posters

Dear Mr. President
For a minute please lend me an ear
You have been in office for one year
For one of your promises here is a reminder
One of your slogans was ‘Kusema na Kutenda’

You pledged many things in your manifesto
We are now waiting for you to fulfill them
In the next five years we want to see
The five new national modern sports stadiums
And the upgrading of existing sporting facilities

One new stadium in each of our major towns
For swimming, basketball, rugby and tennis
We are perennial world beaters in athletics
We deserve to have these facilities
In Eldoret, Garissa, Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa

I hear you played rugby in high school
Seeing you in the stadium would be beautiful
Your father attended just one football match
Your predecessor Kibaki fared even worse
You are younger, I know you can do better.

The Sports Bill was recently enacted
Support it to be fully implemented
You promised to host Africa in 2019
Even the Olympics and World Cup are possible
We are waiting to see your deeds

I won’t even start about the laptops


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