Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been missing for over a week now. The mysterious disappearance of the airliner has remained a puzzle since Saturday March 8, 2014 when it departed from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing.

This incidence has elicited many theories about its possible whereabouts or the tragic fate that may have befallen it.

Maybe the pilot committed suicide by crashing the aircraft somewhere or perhaps it was hijacked or shot down by terrorists. On the other hand, the plane could have plunged into the sea, a tropical forest, a mountain side or, though scientifically impossible, into outer space.

Just like in many other rare instances, the jet might never be found again. Aviation history is dotted with cases where airborne aircraft vanished mysteriously, never to be recovered. We shall probably never know what happened to MH370 with its 239 passengers and crew.

Christians and most other religions believe in the existence of a spiritual land called heaven in the sky. Could the jet have gone to this heaven? If heaven exists, the probably!

Since I was a kid, I have always tried to imagine and picture where heaven is located and how it looks like. Is it one of the planets and billions of stars out there? How far is it from here? Why haven’t scientists discovered it yet? I believe that there is a heaven up there but unfortunately, my mortal and physical mind can not and will probably never fathom such spiritual things.

Gravitational force and other atmospheric conditions can not allow an ordinary plane to fly past a certain altitude. It therefore follows that logically, MH370 could not have ‘fallen out of the Earth’ into space. Neither could it have been hijacked by aliens. In the unlikely event that that happened, all the people on board must be dead by now due to the extremely cold temperatures and lack of oxygen.

Even with his modern sophistication and high technology, man has not been able to explore outer space. He has landed on the moon but has not done much more. It is therefore difficult to understand or explain what lies beyond the Solar system.

Could the plane have been diverted to a destination unknown to man? That we may never know for sure. We can only imagine.

According to Scripture, a day will come when the righteous dead will rise and will be taken up to the sky together with the righteous who will be alive at that time, just as Jesus Christ ascended into heaven. That global event will take place in a split second.

You can imagine waking up to breaking news that millions of people have been reported missing and nobody knows their whereabouts. Maybe a certain pilot will be taken hence abandoning his aeroplane mid air. Some drivers will suddenly disappear causing multiple simultaneous accidents all over the world. Parents will be looking for their children and vice versa. If and when that happens, the panic, confusion and distress that will follow will be astronomical compared to the current mystery of MH370. If a huge airliner can disappear without a trace into thin air, then anything can happen.

Meanwhile, barring a miracle, the airliner and some of its passengers are probably in heaven. They may have flown there either directly through space or indirectly through death.