We all have dreams. Things we would like to achieve or accomplish. Some of my dreams have come true while others remain just that, dreams. I therefore refuse to sleep but wake and start chasing and living my dreams.


It may take forever
May seem improbable
Or sound impossible
A stretch of imagination
But if you keep dreaming
It will come to happen

It may be laughable
Extremely incredible
Currently unfathomable
A pipe dream
But don’t stop dreaming
For dreams come true

Lupita Nyong’o said
‘’No matter where you are from
Your dreams are valid’’
You have no place to call home
You can build a palace
You walk to work at sunrise
You can drive a Mercedez

You are poor
You can be wealthy
You are unknown
You can be famous
You are weak
You can be strong
You are sick
You can be whole

You are a nobody
You can be powerful
Work a little harder
Your dreams are valid

Martin Luther had a dream
Of a world without racism
We can now have a dream
A world without terrorism
A country without tribalism
And our dreams will come true

Never give up on your dreams
Never stop dreaming
It may seem far-fetched
At the moment
But pain ends
And dreams come true