Everyone needs a running mate

Sometimes in life we just need a running mate. Someone to run with us in our most difficult times. That guy that will always pat you on the back whenever you are going through a rough patch. That girl that will always be there, giving you moral support when your world is crushing.

Some times you just can’t run alone. You need a cheerleader. There is nothing better than having someone by your side when you really need a hand. That moment when you feel like the weight on your shoulders is heavier than the newly imposed VAT on fuel. Like a pregnancy of triplets. I don’t know but that must be heavy. There is no better feeling than having someone help you carry the load. Even if it’s just for a while.

Your running mate will wake you up early in the morning for that early morning jog. When you feel like snoozing the alarm and catching a few more winks, your running mate will pull away the duvet and sprinkle some ice cold water on your face, just to get you up.

If need be, she will literally pull you out of bed and push you out of the door. Some of us lack that personal disciple and we need someone to push us to our full potential. We need constant encouragement and motivation. We can do with some support and inspiration. We need a running mate, a friend. A partner.

When the hill gets too steep to climb, and our legs get too tired to run, and our lungs too weak to handle the extra pressure, we need to slow down the pace. And a running mate to encourage us to keep going. A voice to whisper to us that we can still make it. A friend that will keep running beside us even when we slow down. And when we fall down, we need someone to help us back on our feet.

Once in a while, we all slow down, get weak and fall down. It is the nature of life. I look at it like the steeplechase race. There are hurdles and puddles along the track, and so is life. Financial hurdles and emotional puddles. Sometimes the puddles are deep and muddy. Sometimes the hurdles and high and intimidating. You have to jump over these hurdles and continue running, but sometimes you may trip and fall.

When you fall into an emotional crisis, a pit of depression, you can go bananas. It can completely drain your ass and leave you devastated. A mental illness can make you jump off the nearest cliff, to your untimely death. More and more people are suffering from depression and mental illnesses. Sometimes all they need is to talk it out and get the weight off their chests. Sometimes all they need is a running mate; someone who will listen to them. Someone who will walk with them, run with them. Someone they can share their experience with.

Financial hurdles may come up before us on the track and sometimes they are a little too high for us to jump. They come in forms of medical bills, school fees, loans or even events like weddings and funerals. We all pull together, pool resources together and jump the hurdle. We are team mates, we are running mates.

Imagine how good it would be if we all cared about each other. If we all become running mates to the needy, depressed, oppressed, marginalised and vulnerable. How good would it be if we checked on each other not just online but in real life. We need to reach out to one another, find out how someone is doing and help where possible. Nobody knows about tomorrow, maybe we shall also need someone to run with us, to talk to us, to hold us up and help us out.

It is so beautiful when you fall down on the track and someone stops running and turns to help you up, and then continues running with you. Someone who will be sweet and kind to you. Someone who will stand with you and never leave you. Someone who will not let you go. Someone who will inspire you and believe in you.

We all need and deserve such a friend because in life, we just can’t run alone. We all need someone. We all need love. If we run together, we can conquer the toughest course, climb the steepest hills, jump over the highest obstacles, overtake our fears and weaknesses, cross the finishing line, win the race and celebrate life together.

Do you have a running mate? Everyone needs a running mate.


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