KF Tirana’s Tyranny

Francis Kahata (third left) being unveiled at KF Tirana

The KF in KF Tirana doesn’t stand for Kenya Football
But anyone would be forgiven so to think
Owing to their continued Kenyan link
Perhaps they have a Kenyan agent
Or why does when a Kenyan goes pro
To look for more floor to make dough
It’s most likely to the East or Eastern Europe
If not the neighbouring Tanzania
Then it’s probably to Albania
And specifically to FK Tirana
The most glorious club in Albania

From the jelly Jerry Santos
To the jolly James Situma
From one milkman Moses Arita
To another; the fantastic Francis Kahata
And now the much travelled Allan Wanga
Is the next Kenyan on their radar

Klubi Futbollistik Tirana
Where Kenyans go to try their luck
Then soon find their way back
Now Kachi Kahata Nyambura is gone
Briefly on a six-month loan
Before he shortly returns home


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