You are the beautiful game
Football is your lovely name
I love you more than anything
Dear football you’re my everything
My love and today my Valentine
I can’t sleep when I see you
Yes you are attractive and sexy
I really enjoy watching you
My eyes remain glued to you
You make me jump like a lunatic
Even when you go out for a goal-kick
You keep me at the edge of my seat
Because your touch entertains me 

Whenever you do the tiki-taka style
I drop my jaw and marvel and smile
The fluid passes really turn me on
Your counter attacks excite me
Your penalty kicks leave me breathless
I don’t even know what the goals do to me

We are so emotionally attached
And we have been together for years
That’s why at times you move me to tears
Sometimes tears of joy
Those are the times I really enjoy
Other times tears of sorrow
But we lose today and win tomorrow

This relationship will last forever
Nothing will separate us ever
You treat me well every weekend
Sometimes you even come over on weekdays
Although sometimes you cause drama
You make us fight but we make up
You completely absorb my mind
My game you’re one of a kind

I love you so much my Valentine football