God is Good

 ”God is good all the time, 
and all the time God is good, 
       and that is is nature.”

I have seen the goodness of God
In my life in the places I’ve walked
In other lives of the people we’ve talked
Friend if you haven’t I tell you you should
Taste and see that the LORD is good

My good God is my Father
He is as good as no other
What He has done for me
Nobody could ever and can ever
Do a fraction of that forever

My God is faithful and good
He gives me water and food
Water for my soul and more
Food to make me grow strong
Alive and kicking all day long

When am down He lifts me
When am sad He comforts me
He clothes me when am nude
All the time my God is good
I will proclaim His goodness forever!

Any comments?