One sunny Sunday afternoon
The twelveth day of that February
The forty third day of that year
The eleventh hour of that day
She went into labour
Her first ever labour
For nine good months
For forty long weeks
She had carried a foetus
And now she had to deliver
Her first ever baby
Her own flesh, blood and bones

A big bouncing baby boy
A healthy handsome bundle of joy
She had just brought forth
She laughed and named him Isaac
God had given her a son in her youth
Her husband was happy
Now he had a son to call his own
He named him after his father

The baby grew bigger and older
And he became darker and taller
More handsome and very clever
He has one very bright future
His potential has not been tapped
He is living with an unfulfilled dream
Thank you Mama for giving birth to me
And for making me the man that I am
It’s my birthday today!!

Happy Birthday Mwas!

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