Hello baby,
How are you doing?
I hope you are perfect
I hope you dream’t of me
And woke up thinking about me
Smiling alone as I crossed your mind

Hello baby,
Let me tell you about that smile
Like the sun rising from the East
Your smile brings life to my world
I miss basking in your awesomeness
I miss those little cheeky giggles


Hello baby,
Baby can you hear me?
I was up thinking about you
The whole night I slept just a few winks
I was wishing you were within arm’s length
I would have wrapped myself around you

‘’Hello baby,’’
I would have whispered in your ear
‘’You are sizzling hot’’
Biting the lobe of your ear
My voice shaky but sexy and steady
My hands traveling all over your body

Hello baby,
It is me in your valley,
Sliding in your smooth alleys,
Our tongues tangling and untangling
Our tissues expanding and contracting
Temperatures reaching boiling point

“Hello baby,”
Was the first thing I wanted to hear
This morning when I woke up
The echo of your silky voice
The warmth of your bubbly talk
Confirming this romance is real

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