Here we are 2013

2012 is the year that the world was supposed to end. The year ended and we are still here, nothing much has changed, the world never ended. But it was a milestone and landmark year for me, I opened up to the world and interacted with many people.

I take this opportunity to first and foremost thank God for allowing us to see this New Year and seeing us through last year. I would also like to thank my friends, family, fans and supporters, you made it happen. 2013 will be even bigger with your support.

Googbye 2012.png

It was a roller-coaster year – complete with its ups and downs. I met new exciting friends and the not so exciting. I’m not a very social guy but this was my most socially active year ever. I did things I had never done before, gone to places I had never been before and made new friends like never before. I also had a stint at my dream job, although it was just temporarily. It was a great experience and I know that permanent dream job will come, some day, some time, somewhere.

People say that it’s a beautiful thing to fall in love. I fell in love and I know it’s absolutely true, but nobody ever talks about how painful love can turn out to be. I’ve been there too. However, I met someone who gave me a reason to love again and made me fall in love again. I’m not regretting anything I did in 2012 but I’m taking them as life lessons. I’m not going to do some of them in 2013 (Don’t ask what) I also lost a few friends because they thought I wasn’t important in their lives. That’s part of life. True friends will stick with you, fake friends will leave when you annoy them.

Finally, this blog turned one year old on December 29th. I have tried to be consistent throughout the year, creating new posts atleast fortnightly. I also republished my old poems and reproduced my work published elsewhere (Kenyanstar website and magazines), so as to have a one stop shop for all my work. We are the first people to publish sport poetry in Kenya and possibly Africa, and we are hopefully going to perform and broadcast them this year. I pray for inspiration and support to make 2013 an even more successful year. I know 2013 will be a great year.

Happy New Year!!

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