Honda Crosstourer 2012 Review

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The Honda Cross-tourer is an adventure bike that was launched two years ago in Japan.

The sophisticated motorbike which is seen by many as a rival of the BMW GS performs best on flat courses with few corners. It is not recommended for off road riding due to its soft suspensions which send unpleasant shocks to the rider on bumpy surfaces.

The 2012 model, weighing 275kg, is relatively heavy compared to others in its class. It has large wheels and a big aluminum twin spar frame with an 850mm seat height, making it ideal for giant riders. Its narrow seat makes for uncomfortable but spacious sitting.

The Honda is powered by a 1237cc engine with peak power of 95kW (127bhp). The machine has a fuel capacity of 21.5 litres. It also has narrow exhaust pipes and four cylinders effective in saving fuel, making it economical while retaining exceptional performance.

However, the alloy-rimmed bike can only reach a maximum speed of 130mph.


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