I just referred from my dictionary

Was looking up the word honey

And I loved the entry definition

A sweet, sticky, brown substance

Then there was a bit of romance:

”A way of addressing somebody you love!”

There is somebody I really love

I therefore call her ”Honey!”

Is she sweet, sticky and brown?

Yes, she is so sweet and lovely

Both literally and figuratively

She has a honeycomb and a sugar pot

I can’t get enough of that sweetness

That explains the sticky part

Nothing can ever pull us apart

I’m stuck to her like glue

And it feels so nice and true

 Like a nice fitting shoe

Brown is the colour of her eyes

Those beautiful sparkling eyes

Those cheesy chiseled dimples

That amazing heavenly smile

I didn’t know honey was this sweet

Until I licked this honey once

Until I got that lucky chance

And now I can’t get enough of it

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