How I Met Your Mother


I’ve never gathered the courage, and I don’t think I ever will, to ask my dad how, where and when he met my mum. If you’re brave enough and you’re free and open with your dad, ask him.

He will probably tell you that they grew up in the same village, or they met in some church, school, market or other social places. Some will tell you that they first met by accident, coincidence or it was planned by their parents, family or friends. Maybe others don’t remember or they just won’t tell you.

Well, in this digital age, many (majority) would be parents are meeting through social media or online dating sites. Indeed, some of my ”mutual friends” are now having babies. So one day in 2030, my daughter or son is going to ask me how I met her/his mother. This is what I’ll tell her/him, or perhaps he/she will find this blog and read without my knowledge.

Now, when we were young, in our twenties, about 20 years ago, there was a popular social networking site called Facebook. You could send friend requests to random people and if they accepted, you could be friends with them on the site, a maximum of 5,000 friends. That means you could chat with them, view their profile, photos. . . .

”Duuh!! Dad, just go straight to the point! I know all that. So how did you meet mum??? Via FB??” *laughing*

Wait kid, be patient I’m telling you the whole story from the beginning.

”I know what Facebook was, dad. We’ve read about it in our ICTistory class and I even found your FB account and everything on the net.”

Huh, really!? Facebook crashed 12 years ago, it was shut down, then modified and re-branded but we had moved on to the other new exciting networks. I even forgot my password. How did you find it??

”Well daddy, this is the post-internet era, you know! There’s nothing we can’t find on the net. I also saw your Twitter and blogs. You guys were so shady and slow, GOOSH, too much stupid clothing and your language was so long and boring, couldn’t even get some things. I just died with laughter!”

Oh really? What else did you find? Oh noo, SHIT!! Twitter?? Wish I deleted some of that crap.. .

”HAHAHAHAHA I can’t tell you. You tell me how you met mum. I saw your 2013 photos and silly conversations, had you met then??”

Whaat!!?? Oh My God! OK, listen. . . I first saw her comments on one of my friend’s wall, I liked her funny comments and then I checked her out and liked what I saw :-), so I added her.

”Hmmm that’s so obvious papito. Then you asked her out, right? Hahahaha!”

Not that fast! We didn’t even talk for a month. Then slowly we started. Likes, comments, messages, pokes, wall posts etc. She was really interesting, She told me that I was a smooth operator because I took it slowly maybe others had been so direct with her. Anyway, we exchanged numbers and met for coffee one evening and the rest is history.

“Did you sleep with her on the first date?”

Eeeh, NO! Why?? That’s all, now go and finish your homework!

“Ai daahdeee! Jeeeez!! Finish the storryyy pleeeease ;-)”

You asked how we met right? Haven’t I told yah? That’s all. *standing*



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