I love sleep

I love keeping my eyes shut
Even in my trousers and shirt
Sleep is sweet, so I love sleeping
Wish I could sleep till mid morning
I hate having to wake up early
My alarm rudely wakes me up at six
I reach to it, switch it off please
I will wake up in another five minutes
Sleep then carries me away again
When I jump out it’s some minutes to seven

I look forward to going back
To my warm waiting bed
And slip into my blanket
And sleep all the sleep in my head
Some say sleep is the cousin of death
But I say sleep is good for your health
Even the dead will wake up one day
Because they are just in deep sleep today

I am afraid my wife will leave
She says I sleep on her not literally
But when we go to bed I fall asleep
But then again we read that Eve
Was made when Adam was fast asleep
And when he woke up he was pleased
After snoring, he called it morning glory
Let me pause my sick, sleepy story

I have to catch some sleep


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