I miss the good old fun
When all our passion did was burn
We used to run at midnight
Happily in the smiling moonlight
After having those late dinners
Just to share a moment between us

Yes I miss us
I miss my one missus
The one who stole my heart
Transformed my whole life
Showed me how to love
Gave me a reason to laugh

I miss my only one
I miss my lovely woman
The one I couldn’t go to sleep
Without talking to
My one I couldn’t go a week
Without seeing you

I miss my one, my wow, my wonderful
My L, my Love, my beautiful
Whose smile and eyes bewitched I
Her charms and romance made me high
We were crazy in love, why lie
But all she says to me now is ‘Hi’

I miss those golden days
That started and ended with sweet texts
When we were the best of best friends
When I was her most trusted confidant
When she was the one I could count on
But sadly those days are long gone