Ingwe is a beautiful lady
She has the shape of a leopard
A tiny waist and a slender body
Every single man wants her

KPL is her strict father
He is old and drinks Tusker
He sold off his sixteen daughters
Sometimes they fight and envy each other

SuperSport is a middle aged man
His father DSTV and him are filthy rich
But he has many wives and concubines
SS can’t satisfy or sleep with each

Ingwe has met a young lad
She has fallen in love with him
He knows how to treat a leopard
His name is Zuku Tivibrahim

KPL has warned his daughter
Doesn’t want to see her with another man
Or else he’s going to disown her
But Ingwe is sticking with her suitor

If she is thrown out by her father
She will go and tell the elders
That the man she loves is Zuku
He buys her croissants, chips and kuku

But parents always have their way
A win for SS and KPL, sad for Ingwe

By @Mwaspoet