Tick tick; tock tock

The only sound in the dead night

Faint ticking of the clock

The dim shine of the moonlight

The distant dogs barking

The slow heart beating

Something in her is dying

Sometimes almost crying

She is silently craving

Craving for some spark

Something to cheer her up

Someone to lift her up

Before she breaths her last

Before darkness eats her up

Who’s going to light it up?

Brighten her clouded face

Ignite her hidden happiness

Be the needed sunlight

To make her dark night bright

To curve a smile on her face

To trigger a sparkle in her eyes

To tickle the nerves in her spine

To bring out goosebumbs on her skin

To make her heart beat again

Where is that elusive man?

To give her a new lease of life

To give her the kiss of life