Letter to my Daughter

Dear Beau,

Good morning my princess. I know you don’t know what a morning is because where you are now, there is neither light nor darkness. Part of you is in your mother’s oviduct while the other part is still in my loins. Soon you will start growing in your mother’s womb and then you will eventually be born into this world one bright morning. On a morning like this, you will officially join us.


Your mother will carry you in her womb for nine months before delivering you to us. I will be with her throughout the journey, holding her hand and supporting her, until she brings you to us. I will take you in my arms and feel very happy and proud to have you, and to see you for the very first time. I will kiss your tiny hands and admire your beauty. I don’t know how you will look but I can imagine a striking compromise between your mother’s features and mine. I will take photos of you and keep them for you to see when you grow up. (Maybe I will proudly post them on social media for the world to see.)

I wish you could read this letter now, before you are born, before you are even conceived. I wish you could know just how much we are waiting for you. We think about you and talk about you every single day. That’s how much we love you. We loved you even before you were born and we are waiting for you with bated breathe. Your mother and I are in love and we can’t wait to have you with us and to share this love you. You will be the product of our love. The gift that God will give to us. That’s how important you are. You are a VIP.

You see, we even already came up with a name for you. We shall call you Beau because you will be beautiful, just like your mom. She has already started knitting a blanket for you. She will make socks and a cardigan for you. She already bought some clothes for you. They are neatly folded and safely kept waiting for your arrival. There is money in the bank for your education. We want you to have a good and comfortable life. We want you to be happy, that’s why we are planning everything for you.We want you to have everything you need in the world, when you arrive. Everything that daddy or mommy probably never had. You will have the best mommy and daddy in the world. We love you and we will always love you, our dear daughter. We shall bring you up in the best possible way.

I am writing in a book that I will keep for you to read when you grow up. Your mother is writing her’s too. We shall show you when you will be old enough to read. You will see just how much we love you. You will grow up knowing you are loved by your parents and by God. We pray that you will grow up to be a good girl. A smart, beautiful, intelligent and God fearing girl. It is God who will give you life and give you to us. We pray to Him everyday asking Him to do that and He will do it. You will be a blessing to us. We hope you will make us proud.

Finally, I want to reiterate that we love you so much and we can’t wait to have you. We are very excited knowing that you will be here soon, please don’t take too long. Your grandparents are also patiently waiting for you, they are not impatient like us but they are also looking forward to seeing you. You are a princess Beau and you will always be to us. You will have the best mom by the way, I love her to bits! The two of you will make my world complete and you will be my ‘babies’ and angels forever. God willing. Amen.

See you soon my daughter. Kisses!!

Your loving daddy,
Baba Beau.


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