Life is ninety minutes long. Yes, that’s how short life is, but you have to make the most out of it. I am a derby game. I must live up to expectations. Maybe I’ll get three or more minutes if the centre referee decides so. Perhaps I will go to extra time or I will get post-life life, or sudden death, but I want my full-time score to be a happy one. I want my result to be remembered forever. Yes, I want to live forever.

Life is a mess without the referee. He is God. He punishes me when I go wrong. He cautions me. He can send you away. He is the judge. Nobody else can judge me. Whatever he says is final. I pray to him. I beg him to award me a penalty advantage. Penalties for me to take and not to defend.

But life is a wheel. It goes round and round. Sometimes you get decisions you way, sometimes you don’t. I get corners and freekicks, both direct and indirect, and other opportunities. Sometimes I have to defend those against me. I get throw ins when the ball goes out of my life.

You see, the ball is the heart of your life. If it goes out you die. If it stops beating you die. Sometimes I get heart attacks and a dead ball. When my heart goes to the wrong direction or when something terrible happens. It’s life!

A heart never stops beating. Likewise a ball should never stop being kicked. It should always flow like the blood in your vessels. From deep your midfield, down your wings, in and out of your holes and into your nets. Like fish! You must go out and fish.

The ball must go from end to end. From down your fears to up your hopes, down the left wing to your sorrows and up the right wing to your joy. That’s why they call it Poetry in Motion.

When I score my goals in life, my friends and family celebrate with me. They support me even when I’m down. They cheer me up. They stand with me during my tough times. They anxiously check their watches, hoping I will create a goal scoring chance before time.

But my enemies sorround me. They abuse me, throw stuff at me, disrupt me, abandon me before my time. They boo me. They say bad things about me and my God. They cause chaos. The hooligans. The away fans. The bad guys. They don’t want me to prosper. They create a hostile atmosphere. They wan’t to spoil my name. But I am still the beautiful game.

You have choices on the bench. Both bad and good. They are called substitutes. Make the right choices at the right time. They are the options you have and the decisions you have to make. Respect the referee. Obey his orders. Play by his rules. He blows his whistle when anybody touches your heart or anything bad happens to you. He is just and fair. But his calls may not go your way at times. You can’t question God.

The best times of my life is when counter attacks are in my favour. When I’m about to defeat my enemies. When I’m going to score and achieve my life goals. They call it adrenaline rush. That’s my most lively mood. My friends stand on their feet. My enemies put their hands on their heads. That’s when my heart is racing down the flanks. That’s the most exciting part of my life. When the choices and passes I make get accomplished. When my dreams come true and everything is going smooth like tiki-taka. When my tactical plans pay off, and I score my goals.

But this is life. Sometimes my plans go offside. Sometimes I fail to achieve my goals. I concede them when I fail to defend them well. I get set pieces against me. I fall sick. I get fouled. I get booked by my God. He writes down my sins. He points to the spot. I fall down behind. But I repent. I will be up again, I will equalize and go back in front! Such is life. You fall down and get back up. When I get extra time to make it right, I will use it wisely. And at the full time whistle, I will be a champion!