Only You

Amazing and beautiful it isHow everytime I think of theseDays of my life that I liveYou come across my mind vividly There can be only one personThat everyday gives me a reasonTo smile and smile See More


You are by far the sweetest thingThat has ever happened to meA new honeycomb and a full sugar potWhere the heaven did you come from? You showed up with a glittering parcelFull of warmth, hugs, See More

Is Life Unfair?

Many times I have heard everywhere People claiming that life is unfair They complain, we grumble You murmur, I ask questions Life is not fair, life is unfair Why me? Lord why me? Why was See More

Woman, Wonderful

I am convinced that a woman is the most important creature in the universe. Every human being, dead or alive, was brought forth by a woman. Although some argue that many if not all problems See More


She is the epitome of feminity. The example of elegance. The embodiment of African beauty. The one I describe as beautiful, pretty, lovely, gorgeous and attractive. You can see the craftsmanship, awe, marvel and wonder See More

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