Knock knock

“Who’s there?”



Can yah open this door!

We were here in 2004.

Finally they have smiled at us

Football gods have smiled at Stars

Hello Africa Yaunde Cameroon

We were yonder but coming very soon

We have blotted out the Black Stars

We are the bright Harambee Stars

We are buzzing with big hopes

We have killed off the Antelopes

Bring on the Foxes and Eagles

The Cranes and the Elephants

Bring on all those animals

We have our own, Wanyama.

We are Stars but we are also Lions

Underrated, hungry and starving

Look at the 60,000 plus Kasarani

We can kick a ball not just running

It’s been a long fourteen years

We were so far yet so near

AFCON two-zero-one-nine

Time for the Stars to shine!