Domestic and gender-based violence in Kenya has reached new shocking levels. A week barely passes without new disturbing reports of violence that resulted into death or serious injury. It is a worrying trend that should stop before it escalates into a “spontaneous” frenzy in every homestead.

Kenyans simply copy from each other. They copy even bad and harmful habits. If a few rogue students decide to burn their school for reasons only known to themselves, other students from other schools will also attempt to burn their schools. Before you can say the name “Matiangi” over 100 schools will be on the ground, reduced to ashes. If one hooligan throws a stone during a football match or demonstration, 50 other people will pick up rocks and hurl them in the same direction. That should also partly explain how Kenyans turned against one another after the ill-fated 2007 election. Figure it out.

Now, a woman is murdered by a man who claims to love her. He stabs her to death. Maybe he did or did not pay her school fees but now she wanted to move on to another guy. Every adult is free to choose who to be with, who to date, who to bed and-or who to wed. Why is it so hard to let people go? It’s never that serious. Once upon a time, who ever you are so obsessed with was just a stranger. I have exes, everyone has. Moving on can actually be a blessing in disguise, no matter the investment you had made in that relationship. Our guy here thought that killing the lady was the best thing to do. He even tried taking his own life.

My friend, you came to this world alone. Why would you want to take someone with you or send someone ahead of you? There are 3 billion girls in the world; look for someone else or just be celibate. It is never a matter of life and death. Murder, manslaughter, attempted murder or similar heinous acts will only lead you to jail, purgatory, hell or a few other nasty dark places. Leave it all to God or karma or whatever. Be a man.

Her husband of 7 years did this to her. Photo/Nation

Another man decides to chop off his wife’s hands and slash her head open apparently because he doesn’t want her (or whatever reason was).I mean, WTH! They are legally married, in church, but they have not been able to reproduce. It then unfolds that the man is actually is unable to produce sufficiently lethal sperms. Why on earth then would you batter her? Does it improve your self esteem? Does it boost your sperm count or does it make you more of a man? Gerrahia! I pose the same questions to all men who beat up their wives to a pulp. And to characters who slap women in full glare of the media.

Such characters should be permanently locked up before they spread their stupidity to us, reasonable Kenyan gentlemen. They should not be allowed to walk around lest they infect us with their toxic ideologies. That is actually how people are radicalized and that is exactly why Koffi Olomide was deported. We don’t want to wake up and find every man kicking his wife or house help. There is something else that can stab her very well and it’s not a knife. Leave that in the kitchen. Kill her with love. Let the panga cut firewood. The only thing you should panga is uzazi.Say NO to violence against women. It doesn’t add any points to your man card.

There are also men who are terrorized by their women, like a certain presidential hopeful. That is a story for another day.