He had promise and a future
Before he lost direction
Everybody looked up to him
He is now just like a toddler
His shoes are torn
He should see a cobbler
His clothes are worn
He should see a tailor
He doesn’t have a phone
But he needs to call her
His kids are hungry at home
But he doesn’t bother
This fella is so sick
He should see a doctor
He is addicted to drugs
Yet he used to play soccer
A few months ago
He became a hawker
Then slowly by slowly
He became a broker
In illegal trade and peddling
He is a now a smoker
He drinks and smokes
The hard stuff like coka
He spends nights in police cells
He is a gambler and plays poker
He has wasted his life
Has become the biggest joker
He hast lost it for sure
His name is Ame Potoka!

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