”Football is also called poetry in motion but some fans take this literally. You have to look no further than the cheesy poems about football from Mwas. The poems sometimes have rhymes but sometimes they are just easy reading and worth a smile.”

The above review is from the Ingwe Fan magazine (fanzine) Issue 3. I was supposed to write a piece for the fanzine but I somehow forgot to do it (I am a bit lazy sometimes) I have however penned a piece titled ‘Troops of Koops‘ below.
The magazine contains interviews with Eric Masika’s fiancee and Charles Okwemba’s wife. The main story as suggested by the cover is on coach Jan Koops. There are also features on fans and interviews with Oscar Kadenge, Mike Baraza, Patrick Matasi and Isukuti drummer Aineah Mukaisi among others. There is a story about theĀ  Ingwelets, Nakuru branch among many others. What do you know about former coach Graham Williams and former goalkeeper Mahmmod Abbas? Find it all in the fanzine. It also contains many full colour eye catching photographs including those of Matasi and Edward ”Edu” Wafula. Get yourself a copy at Kshs 300 only.
The fanzine front cover

The troops of Koops

The boys in hoops
The men in blue
You know what they do?
They march on
They conquer all
They score goals
After a rare defeat
The dust up and bounce back!
We travel in couples and groups
To watch the troops of Koops
We sing and do the poznan dance
When Wanga gets that chance
And rises to head in at once
We jump, go wild and party
When Matasi saves a penalty
When Koops joins in the dancing
Like after the Thika five-star mauling
You know he has seen something
The coming championship trophy!
The looming league winning glory
They named him Wepukhulu
Jan the Dutch tactical guru
He went twenty three matches unbeaten
He is leading his troops to the finish line
That’s why they dance Isokonde after winning
They have been on top almost the whole season
Shooting down opponents home and away

A few more battles and behold the victory day

By @Mwasafari