Ushering in the New Year

In church
Holding hands
Saying a prayer
Happy New Year chants
Halleluyah, Hoyee and hugs

In the house
Sitting on the couch
Smiling and laughing on the phone
Watching the clock wind down
Happy prosperous New Year

On the beach
Standing in the warm sand
Kissing in the salty waters
The stars winking down at you
As the waves dance to your tune

In the moonlight
As the wind whistles by
And the cold gently bites
A new year will dawn on us
It’s the year’s last night

In bed
Talking or holding or cuddling
Listening to soft joyful ballads
A warm memorable New Year’s Eve
We are starting the year together

In a party
Screaming, jumping everybody
Happy, dancing the night away
Drinking soda, wine and beer
Ushering in the New Year!

*** A Happy New Year to y’all my readers as I embark¬†on this my third year of blogging. Have a jolly 2014 fam!!


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