Were and Omondi Carry your Crosses

Kevin Omondi and Paul Were (left and centre) at Namboole Stadium, Uganda. The two were expelled from the national team camp after allegedly sneaking out on Tuesday night. ( Photo/MICHEZOAFRIKA)

Nandwa the no nonsense tactician
The stern and strict disciplinarian
You made a hard and tough decision
But it was deserved and justified

There are set rules and regulations
Which shouldn’t be bent whatever the situation
That players must camp at the station
Until they complete their mission, unless they have permission

But Paul Were and Kevin Omondi
The naughty Maldez and the unruly Daddy
Were not allowed out by anybody
They sneaked out and went to party

Some rules are there to be broken
But be ready to face the consequences
Be ready to be expelled and suspended
You will not always get away with it lads

The celebrations could have waited, no?
You had won one battle but not the war
You put the nation behind women and alcohol?
The country needed you more than before

Carry your crosses now, to serve as a lesson and an example


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