When you can’t stop thinking about her
And you can’t brush her off your mind
When you can laugh heartily with her
And you can almost read her mind

When you don’t have to chase after her
But she just falls into your arms
When you don’t have to tickle her
But she always giggles and laughs

When you can do so much together
And ever long to be with each other
You know the feeling my brother
When you can’t put yourself together

This is when your head stops working
And your poor heart takes over
This is when you stop thinking
And only keep dreaming and wishing

You stay awake long into the night
This is when you go crazy

You can do the silliest of things
Like the smallest of kids
Having the wildest fun
You know what I mean man

If you like the same stuff
And you love the same food
If you can make her laugh
And make her moan, it’s good

If you both smile widely
In front of the front camera
Or you start kissing wildly
When your eyes make contact

Surely then, you are in love.