Your real friends

If you critically examine yourself
Looking at the people around you
The guys on your speed dial
The chics on your recent chats
The folks you laugh out loud with
The boyz you hang out with
Those peeps you drink with
Your galfies and groupies

How many of them are real?
Do you have any ride or die?
How many have your back?
Who can bail you out?
Are they true friends?

Can you count on any one of them?
Can you call ‘em when you’re in trouble?
Ask yourself these questions
Evaluate all your friends
The last conversation you had
The person you last talked to
Perhaps you don’t even talk that much

But can they sort you out?
You need and deserve a true friend
And these are the friends to keep
The ones to love and treasure
The friends you need to hold tight
Because we all need true friends

Friends that call you just to check up on you
Or text you or come over to see you
Friends that can surprise you at times
With gifts or treats
With a bottle of your favourite drink
Or a plate of a sumptuous meal
Friends that can lend you some cash
And not ask you to pay back with interest
Or give you deadlines and ultimatums

These are the pillars you lean on
As you weave around the world
The shoulders you can lean on
When you need support
Encouragement, strength
Or advice

They will laugh with you, stand with you
Mourn and sympathise with you
Always be there for you
We don’t need fake *** friends
We all need these true friends
If you want a true friend,
Be one to someone


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